October 14, 2013

Our 2013 Next list

One of the most enduring requests we get from our readers is to offer more stories about innovative business people. To shine a light on companies and their leaders who are doing remarkable things, especially if they operate under the radar. We get bonus points if their work shapes Maine's economy in a significant way.

Well, check, check and check.

This year's Next List presents 10 people whose work ranges from growing regenerative tissue to growing a technology hub; from developing pharmacists to developing gourmet wood cooking tools; from providing pipeline components to providing jet components. And that's just for starters.

Although their fields of endeavor are as far-flung as the parts of Maine from which they come, they all hold tremendous promise for the state. Settle in click through our Next profiles below and let yourself be inspired.

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Gayle Brazeau shepherds Maine's next generation of pharmacists into service

The Fletchers keep western Maine's wood-products industry spinning

Sylvia Getman leads The Aroostook Medical Center down a more sustainable path

Tom Hall drives his marketing company and Portland’s technology connections

Allagash International's Terry Ingram breaks into foreign markets

Masey Kaplan builds a better fundraising tool for schools and nonprofits

Chris Kilgour's Telford buyout yields surprising rewards

Josh Shea reflects today's L-A with his magazine and film festival

Scientists Kevin Strange and Voot Yin probe the mysteries of regenerative tissue


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