July 7, 2015

Here's why Barclaycard decided to spend $5 million to expand its Wilton call center

Photo / Courtesy of Barclaycard U.S.
Photo / Courtesy of Barclaycard U.S.
Barclaycard U.S. Interim CEO Curt Hess and U.S. Sen. Susan Collins speaks with an employee inside the company's newly expanded and renovated call center in Wilton.

Barclaycard U.S. opened its Wilton call center in 2008 at the time to support its new credit card with L.L.Bean, but it's worked out so well that the national credit card company has invested $5 million to expand and renovate the facility there.

Company officials and other dignitaries, like U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Bruce Poliquin, celebrated the completion of the Wilton call center's expansion last week. With 380 full-time employees right now, the new investment allows the facility at 128 Weld Road to hold up to 500. Additions include new work areas, kitchen pantries, a "micro-market restaurant" and a 100-seat meeting room. Improvements include security and handicap accessibility upgrades.

Doug Villone, Barclaycard's director of business strategy, told Mainebiz that business growth in the last few years was an underlying factor in the company's decision to expand its Wilton facility, which is one of its four call centers in the United States. But what specifically drove the company to invest in Wilton was its strong overall performance, he added.

"We looked at the performance of Wilton and it continues to perform strongly," Villone, a native of Monson, said. "We get low-employee attrition and it's a cost-effective place for us to operate."

Ever since Barclaycard started call center operations in Wilton, Villone said the company has found that it has been a "great market" for them.

"With all the mill closures in that part of the state, there was an employment void we were able to help fill," he said, "and they were folks who were a good match for the business that we do."


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