January 19, 2016

The latest trendy food? Charcuterie

A high-end chef has turned to an old-world trade in making cured meats and sausages known as charcuterie, or cold meats, MPBN reported.

Matthew Secich left behind the pressure cooker of the high-end restaurant business for life in a rural Amish community in Unity, where he's opened a shop called Charcuterie in a converted cabin tucked away in a pine forest. Sales are small, but he told MPBN that, whatever happens, he won't be reaching for the Michelin stars again.

Secich's shop is on-trend. According to Cargill Salt's In Perspective handmade charcuterie is enjoying something of a renaissance, as the appetizer most likely to generate buzz for restaurants.

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Charcuterie owner hopeful of bright future for old-world craft


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