March 17, 2017

Sunday River Golf Club sells at auction

Newry Holdings of Portland purchased the Sunday River Golf Club at auction Wednesday for $700,000.

The Sun Journal reported the auction came on the heels of a complicated lawsuit by Newry Holdings against the golf club's former owner, SR Golf Holdings, and its parent company, Harris Golf of Bath, alleging that SR Golf Holdings was still selling memberships and accepting deposits for functions despite no longer owning the club.

Newry Holdings attorney George Marcus told the newspaper on March 8 that the auction was a step that Newry Holdings had to take to uphold its right of ownership over the club and its assets.

Earlier this year, SR Golf deeded the club to the holding company Boothbay Pool in lieu of foreclosure, and Boothbay Pool then sold the property to Newry Holdings, the newspaper reported.

But Harris Golf attorney Tom Hallett told the Sun Journal the deed had been held in escrow and was "improperly transferred."

The Portland Press Herald reported that a lawsuit is pending in Cumberland County Superior Court to determine whether Newry Holdings or Harris Golf Inc. of Bath is the club's rightful owner.


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