May 2, 2017

PUC's solar decision faces court challenge

Boston-based Conservation Law Foundation and three other groups have filed a legal appeal in Maine Supreme Judicial Court over the Maine Public Utilities Commission's new solar energy policy adopted on March 1.

At issue is the PUC's net energy billing rule that grandfathers existing solar power customers for 15 years under the current incentives but gradually reduces the credit that will be received by new solar customers over the next decade. Starting in January 2018 for new net energy billing customers, the PUC said the amount of solar energy they produce that can be used to offset the transmission and distribution portion of the electric bill will be reduced over the time. The amount that can be used to offset the supply portion of the bill will not be reduced.

CLF, ReVision Energy LLC, Natural Resources Council of Maine and the Industrial Energy Consumers' Group had filed a petition with the PUC on March 21 asking it to reconsider its March 1 final net metering order. The PUC denied that petition on April 18.

The groups list seven legal reasons for their appeal in the notice filed on May 1 with the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.


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