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100-home development in Portland's Stroudwater opposed

Courtesy / CBRE | The Boulos Company and Maine Imaging
Courtesy / CBRE | The Boulos Company and Maine Imaging
The old Camelot Farm property includes more than 2,000 feet along Westbrook Street and 1,500 feet along the Stroudwater River in Portland.

Although Portland councilors approved a zoning change that would allow about 100 new homes to be built at the old Camelot Farm property in the Stroudwater section of Portland, neighbors expressed opposition to the development.

WGME reported that developer Michael Barton said the development would bring affordable housing to Portland. But Stroudwater resident Mikhu Paul said some neighbors have put their homes on the market because of the changes.

Camelot Farm is the largest undeveloped parcel of land in Portland, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The 45-acre, former family-owned farm on Westbrook Street is located near Portland's western border, along the Stroudwater River.

In 2015, when the property as listed by CBRE|The Boulos Co., Kevin Rogers, one of the members of the family that owned the property at the time, told the Press Herald that he would strongly prefer to see the land preserved. However, the property's location along existing water, sewer and gas lines makes it well-suited for development as a residential subdivision, the newspaper reported at that time.


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06/16/17 AT 02:26 PM
The Portland Planning Board has recommended, not approved, the residential zone amendment from R-1 to R-3. The Portland City Council has not yet voted on the issue.

The Stroudwater Village citizens and supporters in opposition to the zone change are not opposed to residential development but rather to yet another zone change in the city to accommodate a developer's desire to maximize revenue and profitability at the expense of the strong desires of residents.
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