Recruiting — and retaining — physicians gets more strategic amid shrinking workforce

Renee Cordes |

With demand for doctors outpacing supply nationwide, and the crunch particularly acute in Maine, many employers are recruiting more strategically, launching searches well ahead of anticipated...


Should a family member serve as trustee of a trust?

Felicia Garant, CLA, CTFA of Garant Consulting |

Sometimes a family member is appointed trustee in a living trust document or under a will to administer a trust for a grantor and/or other beneficiaries. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Keeping pace with the changing legal landscape

Renee Cordes |

Patrick J. Scully has spent his entire career at Portland law firm Bernstein Shur, where he worked as a summer associate more than 30 years ago while studying at the...

Focus on Health Care & Wellness
<b>Steven Michaud</b>, president of the <b>Maine Hospital Association,</b> says he's 'never seen it as difficult as it is right now for all hospitals, but in particular with rural hospitals.'</b>

As rural health care providers struggle, employers eye wider implications

Laurie Schreiber |

The obstetric department at Calais Regional Hospital had 64 births in 2016, but needs close to 300 births per year to break even. It's a quick...

As access to health care becomes more limited, collaboration is key

Maureen Milliken |

Maine, with its far-flung largely rural population and the challenges that brings, has always had a tradition of collaboration when it comes to...

<b>Nancy Marshall</b>

How to: Make social media part of your networking strategy

BY Nancy Marshall

Some believe social media is ruining our personal relationships. I believe the opposite. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter...

<b>Carol Schoneberg</b>

How to: Deal with grief in the workplace

BY Carol Schoneberg

Grief in the workplace is unavoidable. Whether it's the approaching or sudden death of an employee, or the death of an employee's loved...

CashStar purchase highlights interest of out-of-state M&A buyers in Maine companies

BY Mainebiz Staff

Maine-based companies are luring out-of-state M&A buyers with a hearty appetite that shows no signs of slowing.


Maine's highest-paid health care professionals

Ranked by total annual compensation, 2016

1Dougald MacGillivray, surgeon, Maine Medical Center$1.4 million
2Robert Ecker, surgeon, Maine Medical Center$1.3 million

Source: Each nonprofit's 990 form filing

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