November 27, 2017

Ask ACE: Finding inspiration for marketing content

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Q: I am stuck for marketing content ideas. Where do you find inspiration for yours?

ACE advises: The best place to find inspiration is in the frequently asked questions by our past and current customers.

Here are some of my favorite online sources:

  • Google search: You can search commonly asked questions in your industry or search your industry type and content ideas. You'll get a ton of information. You will also get other commonly asked questions and terms that people are searching for.
  • Facebook closed groups: There is a search bar in every group. You can type in a keyword, and all the posts related to that keyword will come up. Go in, mine the comments, sift through them to see what people are saying throughout the thread. Other questions will be asked. See how you can add value while you are there and look for inspiration for content ideas based on real-life needs.
  • a social media Q&A platform. People ask questions on a wide variety of topics. Be sure to respond with tactical answers because users are serious about their Q&A platform.
  • Type in a keyword or question and receive content ideas instantly. You will also get insights on the thoughts and motivations of the people behind the search query.

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