<b>Clark Insurance</b>, <b>Tilson</b>, <b>Unum </b>and <b>Tyler Technologies </b>have all invested in new, more appealing workspace.

Reinventing workspaces: Employers finding new ways to engage staff and attract new hires

Renee Cordes |

If the organization you work for was an animal, what would it be and why? That's one question Lisa Whited puts to employees as she helps businesses clarify their strategic vision and design an office...

Handbag designer Dianna Pozdniakov, in her downtown Lewiston shop, with the  Assistant cross-body bag, one solution to the 'three-bag-schlep.'

One entrepreneur's solution to womankind's 'three-bag-schlep' frustration

Renee Cordes |

Dianna Pozdniakov is a Lewiston-based entrepreneur on a mission to end womankind's "three-bag-schlep" with one functional yet stylish accessory.

Focus on Real Estate/Construction/Design
<b>Dino Spugnardi</b> of <b>Cottage Home Construction</b> near two of the homes he built at the <b>Village Run</b> development in Yarmouth.

Residential construction is up, but will rising prices put a damper on demand?

Laurie Schreiber |

Dino Spugnardi, owner of Cottage Home Construction, can be found lately at a Yarmouth single-family subdivision called Village Run,...

Surge in Passive House construction driven by real savings in energy costs

Maureen Milliken |

Cornerspring Montessori School in Belfast could pass for any modern school; so could the Friends School of Portland in Cumberland.

<b>Dawn Harmon</b>

How to: Comply with Department of Labor's 7 rules for internships

BY Dawn Harmon

Internships: To pay or not to pay? As summer approaches, employers across the state will begin to receive resumes from students seeking...

<b>Hardypond Construction </b>is building office and lab space on the site of the former <b>Foundation for Blood Research</b> in Scarborough.

Hardypond Construction rebuilding former Foundation for Blood Research site

The former site of the Foundation for Blood Research in Scarborough is undergoing a major overhaul, adding office space and labs.

Five essential steps that result in effective meetings

BY John Shorb, The Delphi Group Inc.

Q: Why are meetings not resulting in decisions and follow-through actions despite having clear agendas?...

Maine's top 3 banks making their presence known in N.H. (and beyond)

Maine's top three banks are making inroads in the Granite State. Bangor Savings Bank's parent, Bangor Bancorp MHC, completed its...


Maine's largest labor unions

Ranked by membership for latest fiscal year available

1Maine Education Association, Augusta23,535
2Maine State Association of Service Employees Local 1989, Augusta8,911

Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor, Office of Labor Management and Standards

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