August 20, 2018
From the Editor

Adaptation goes with the territory

This issue of the Bangor and Northern Maine focus looks at a region that's undergoing major changes.

Anyone visiting Bangor, as I did recently, would be heartened to see the major new headquarters of Bangor Savings Bank — an institution that has aggressively expanded in southern Maine and New Hampshire but has invested heavily in its home city. It's a signal of confidence in the economy and the city that one hopes will spread to other businesses.

Our reporters reported on other changes coming about in northern Maine.

Maureen Milliken writes about Millinocket's decade-long transition since the closure of the Greater Northern Paper Co. paper mill.

Laurie Schreiber visited Limestone's Loring Commerce Centre to see the reinvention of former Loring Air Force Base, which closed in 1994 and is now an industrial and business park.

Renee Cordes addresses the need for nurses in northern Maine and looks at how three college campuses are responding.


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