September 3, 2018

Here's one thing you can do to make more sales and improve your business

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Q: What's one thing I can do to make more sales and improve my business?

ACE advises: You offer excellent products or great services; your prices are fair, you're professional and intelligent; you treat your customers with care and respect … and yet you're not succeeding as well as expected. What should you do?

It's simple: Give your clients something for free! Everybody likes free stuff.

Almost every business professional knows the "must-have" marketing tools: websites; business cards; brochures; social media marketing; an email platform. However, giving something away for free is a marketing device everyone seems to forget, yet this marketing tool sometimes works better than all the others combined.

Put a bonus into your products or services that your customers will receive without obligation, additional payment, or commitment on their part. Give your prospects an incentive to choose you over your competition.

Run a buy-one-get-one sale, or provide the second at half price. Offer free shipping. If shipping is too expensive for you to carry, include gift wrapping at no additional charge. Work out a deal with a local restaurant where you can offer a free dinner with every purchase over a certain amount.

Now, before you run off and start putting your business name on lobster hats and whoopee cushions, here are a few important things to remember.

What you give away will mirror your business. Choose wisely. Make certain your give-away reflects your brand while indicating your intention of always doing more for your clients. It will pay off in the end. Simple generosity can lead to boundless rewards.


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