<b>Flick the Tick </b>co-founders and sisters <b>Crystal Hamlin</b>, left, and <b>Heather Peel</b> are moms and outdoors enthusiasts who have created a water-based tick and insect repellent made with cedarwood, citronella and other essential oils.

10 Maine startups to keep an eye on

Renee Cordes |

From a home-based insect-repellent maker to a medical-infusion service provider, Maine's business startups are making their mark in the state and beyond. Here are 10 startups worth watching and their...

<b>Nicole Bradick</b>, founder and CEO of <b>Theory and Principle</b>, which creates web and mobile apps for lawyers and users of legal services.

Portland startup builds web and mobile apps related to law and justice

Renee Cordes |

Nicole Bradick, 38, is the founder and CEO of Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm that creates web and mobile applications for...

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<b>Left:</b> <b>Christine Soto</b> decided to go out on her own, she set up <b>Monoclonals Inc.</b> at the Ellsworth business incubator, <b>Union River Center for Innovation</b>.
<b>Right:</b> <b>Carrie LeDuc</b> is one of four founders of <b>GenoTyping Center of America</b>, another tenant at the innovation center.

Ellsworth's haven for startups is looking for 'the next IDEXX'

Laurie Schreiber |

Union River Center for Innovation began as a collaboration between the city and the Ellsworth Business Development Corp., which was established by...

'Self-awareness' is key to starting or growing a business in Maine

Maureen Milliken |

The message in Maine is the same for those starting a business as it is for communities that want to attract business and entrepreneurs — it's...


Here's one thing you can do to make more sales and improve your business

BY Gerard Bianco, Storyteller Marketing

Q: What's one thing I can do to make more sales and improve my business?

<b>The Public Works</b>, at 52 Alder St., will be “a three-tiered creative hub” that will include private and shared spaces.

Fall opening for The Public Works creative hub

Nickerson O'Day, Inc. has been named the construction manager for the $6.5 million renovation and expansion of the...


Maine's largest employee-owned businesses

Ranked by number of Maine employees

RankEmployee-owned businessNo. of Maine employees
1Cianbros Cos., Pittsfield1,093
2Sargent Corp., Stillwater430

Source: Each business via survey

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