<b>Flick the Tick </b>co-founders and sisters <b>Crystal Hamlin</b>, left, and <b>Heather Peel</b> are moms and outdoors enthusiasts who have created a water-based tick and insect repellent made with cedarwood, citronella and other essential oils.

10 Maine startups to keep an eye on

Renee Cordes |

From a home-based insect-repellent maker to a medical-infusion service provider, Maine's business startups are making their mark in the state and beyond. Here are 10 startups worth watching and their...

<b>Nicole Bradick</b>, founder and CEO of <b>Theory and Principle</b>, which creates web and mobile apps for lawyers and users of legal services.

Portland startup builds web and mobile apps related to law and justice

Renee Cordes |

Nicole Bradick, 38, is the founder and CEO of Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm that creates web and mobile applications for...

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<b>Left:</b> <b>Christine Soto</b> decided to go out on her own, she set up <b>Monoclonals Inc.</b> at the Ellsworth business incubator, <b>Union River Center for Innovation</b>.
<b>Right:</b> <b>Carrie LeDuc</b> is one of four founders of <b>GenoTyping Center of America</b>, another tenant at the innovation center.

Ellsworth's haven for startups is looking for 'the next IDEXX'

Laurie Schreiber |

Union River Center for Innovation began as a collaboration between the city and the Ellsworth Business Development Corp., which was established by...

'Self-awareness' is key to starting or growing a business in Maine

Maureen Milliken |

The message in Maine is the same for those starting a business as it is for communities that want to attract business and entrepreneurs — it's...


Here's one thing you can do to make more sales and improve your business

BY Gerard Bianco, Storyteller Marketing

Q: What's one thing I can do to make more sales and improve my business?

<b>The Public Works</b>, at 52 Alder St., will be “a three-tiered creative hub” that will include private and shared spaces.

Fall opening for The Public Works creative hub

Nickerson O'Day, Inc. has been named the construction manager for the $6.5 million renovation and expansion of the...


Maine's largest chambers of commerce

Ranked by membership as of January 2019

1Maine State Chamber of Commerce, Augusta5,000
2Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, Portland1,200

Source: Each chamber via survey

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