October 1, 2018
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Next 2018: The Davis siblings define entrepreneurship with eclectic mix of businesses

PHOTo / Tim Greenway
PHOTo / Tim Greenway

Ben Davis and Emily Davis

Co-founders, Portland Container Co., True Course Yachting, OpBox, True Course Management Group

Portland Container Co.

93 Lincoln St., South Portland

Founded: 2011

What the company does: Storage solutions, retail pop-ups, hospitality management services

Contact: 207-841-5595 ,

Ben and Emily Davis, brother and sister business owners, have started businesses that take them from land to water, from highly specialized concierge services to "scalable" storage solutions. True Course Yachting offers a variety of services to boat owners. Portland Container Co. provides storage for yachts, cars and other goods, as well as on-site storage containers. Their latest venture has been the OpBox, which converts a portable storage container to a retail pop-up, hospitality location, office or trade-show booth.

Mainebiz: You hear a lot about family businesses in Maine, but not as frequently about sibling business owners, particularly brother-sister partnerships. How did your partnership come about?

Ben Davis: Em and I were doing different things until we came together to take care of our dad, who had become very sick. It was that extremely hard time in our lives that we realized our opposite skill sets could be a real asset in business. It took a while but we've seen the benefits of those opposing strengths. We're having a blast, and are excited to bring even more family into the mix as we grow. We hope to build opportunities that last generations.

MB: How did the idea for True Course Yachting take shape?

BD: True Course came from a lifetime on the water. Our family was a huge influence and the need for quality concierge-type hospitality services was clear.

MB: How did working with yachts and boat owners segue into the portable storage-container business?

BD: While True Course is a high-touch service business, we were interested in adding a more scalable venture that still had customer interaction in a space where we could infuse our hospitality mindset. The portable storage business in Maine is exactly the opportunity.

MB: What are some of the retail/pop-up applications for the storage containers?

BD: The applications are endless. But we have focused our attention on B2B commercial spaces. Some use cases we are working with currently are major retailers, coffee shops and food service franchises. The portability and quality of build are attracting major brands and we're just out of the gate. We're excited to see which application takes off.

MB: What's next for you two?

BD: We are focused on becoming a household name for storage in Maine. Supporting the True Course team on the water. Introducing the world to OpBox.

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