October 15, 2018

Video marketing 101: Suggestions for beginners

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Q: I want to create marketing videos for my business. Do you have any suggestions for a beginner?

ACE advises: Video is the essential tool for marketing a business online. It is the best way to deliver a compelling message and connect with your audience. One well-executed video may be all a potential customer needs to determine whether your product or service is right for him/her.

There are mics and apps available to turn your phone into a professional HD video camera.

  • Focus on educating your viewer and not how you look or sound. You are an expert in your field. Be that expert in the video. All people want is useful information.
  • Practice in private not on the public. Get comfortable with the process and being in front of a recording camera. If you choose live video on Facebook, set your privacy settings to "only you."
  • Write a script, but when you hit "record," don't sound scripted. You know what you are talking about. The script is simply your collected thoughts.
  • Focus on a single message.
  • Start with brand recognition and a call to action. It gives viewers another reason to watch until the end. If they don't get there, they can't take action.
  • Don't preach, demonstrate. Highlight benefits and features of your product or service.
  • Create loyal viewership. Set a schedule so your audience can tune in again.
  • Respond to all comments and questions. Engaging with your audience builds credibility, loyalty and relationships.

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