January 7, 2019
To the Editor

Baby boomers can help ease workforce shortage

As a business owner focused exclusively on the career transitions of Maine professionals, I read with interest the Dec. 10 Mainebiz cover story, "What's Next for Maine's Labor Shortage?"

The statistics on Maine's workforce shortage across industries and positions are alarming and, as you reported, employers are struggling to find effective strategies to attract or retain talent. One of your quotes included strategies on being "more flexible in considering non-traditional types of hires, such as veterans, people with disabilities, Maine's immigrant population and workers with prison records."

While we may need all the help we can get from a variety of populations, we seem to be overlooking experienced boomers — a significant group, 36% of Maine's population. The topic has received recent attention in a Harvard Business Review article, "When No One Retires," by Paul Irving. It's one of six articles in an HBR series addressing the workforce shortage solutions.

Barbara Babkirk, master career counselor and founder of Heart At Work Associates, Portland


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