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Maine company unveils $250M plan to create land-based salmon farm in Bucksport


A Maine-based company calling itself Whole Oceans announced on Thursday its plans to purchase most of the former Verso paper mill site it Bucksport and build a land-based aquafarm to raise Atlantic...

Maine Lobstermen’s Assoc. calls ropeless lobster trap idea ‘crazy’

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is reviewing new lobster fishing technology that eliminates the need for ropes that connect traps on the ocean floor with buoys at the surface.

Kennebec River Biosciences expands to Brunswick Landing

Maureen Milliken |

Richmond-based Kennebec River Biosciences will move its core laboratory and manufacturing plant to Brunswick Landing, the company announced Tuesday.

Four other Maine companies receive MTI 'challenge' grants


In addition to awarding $4 million to Verso Corp. to upgrade and restart the Jay mill's idled No. 3 paper machine and $3 million to Montana-based SmartLam to support its plans to build a $23.5...

Maine Sea Grant awards nearly $1M to four research projects


The Maine Sea Grant College Program has awarded funds to faculty at the University of Maine and other research institutions statewide for four new projects...

Fisheries commission to require Maine lobstermen to file catch reports

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has decided to require all Maine lobster fishermen to file catch reports, starting in the next five years.

Maine's elver quota could jump almost 20%

The American eel management board of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is considering an 18% increase of Maine's annual catch quota for elvers.

Ocean bounty: Tollef Olson has a knack for turning seaweed into products that are in demand

Laurie Schreiber |

In 2016, Tollef Olson co-founded Ocean's Balance, which a year ago started producing a Kelp Puree made from wild seaweed harvested by Olson. Buyers include grocery stores, institutions and...

Reshaping Portland's waterfront: A flurry of development east to west in Maine's largest city

Renee Cordes |

Charlie and Malcolm Poole lease space to 25 tenants and 15 boats that tie up on a pier on Union Wharf in Portland's prized working waterfront. But as they seek new tenants and income sources, the...

Mark Murrell of ready to expand beyond crustaceans

Laurie Schreiber |

Mark Murrell founded in 2009, but plans to expand well beyond crustaceans to grass-fed beef and exotic game. Through a network of suppliers and...