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Fentanyl drives 11% increase in Maine's drug overdose deaths


Drug overdose deaths increased by 11% in 2017, driven by a sharp increase of 27% in deaths due to illegal fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances that can be even more potent.

Tips to keep employees from missing their deadlines

Jim Milliken of Jim Milliken Consulting |

Q: Two of the people on my staff routinely miss their deliverable dates, unless I remind them repeatedly. This is a waste of my time, and it's damaging to the...

WalletHub: Portland 7th best city to find a job, Lewison 62nd


Portland ranked seventh best out of 182 U.S. cities in WalletHub's study of the best places to find a job in 2018.

Coworking spaces evolving into more than just a mainstay of the 'gig economy'

Maureen Milliken |

Coworking started as an attractive working environment for the self-employed, remote workers and startups. But newer co-working spaces in the Greater Portland region are expanding their focus to...

Use this two-step mentoring process to help your employees develop their unique skills

Susan deGrandpre, Collaboration Consulting |

Employees vary widely in their potential. Here's how to tailor your mentoring to give them opportunities to develop their unique strengths

How to: Handshake, or a hug? How do you decide which is appropriate in the workplace?

Nancy Marshall |

We're reading every day about harassment in the workplace and #metoo. You may be wondering how to apply that to your company and workplace.

Lawmakers tackle human resources issues in short session in Augusta

Maureen Milliken |

The state legislative session has just a little more than two months to go — it concludes April 18 — but there are still some meaty topics winding their way through the...

IDEXX boosts retirement contributions in wake of tax reform

Renee Cordes |

IDEXX Laboratories Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX), Maine's largest publicly traded company, on Thursday announced plans to share the benefits of federal tax reform with employees by paying more into their...

In a tight labor market, contractors strategize to meet demand

Laurie Schreiber |

Pooling resources with another contractor is the strategy employed by Landry/French Construction and others to employ Maine workers on Maine jobs.

Nonprofit Avesta Housing adds paid parental leave as employee benefit


Portland-based nonprofit Avesta Housing announced Wednesday it has added paid parental leave to its employee benefits package, effective Jan. 1.