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U.S. Coast Guard evaluates ‘federal anchorage’ for Rockland Harbor

The Pen Bay and River Pilots Association’s proposal to classify an area of Rockland Harbor as a federal anchorage is being deliberated by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Washburn & Doughty wins bid to build $8.8 million state ferry

Laurie Schreiber |

An East Boothbay shipbuilder said it will add at least 10 to 20 jobs as the result of a state ferry contract awarded last week.

Rockland residents petition against harbor redesign

A Rockland citizens group called Sensible Harbor Infrastructure Plan is petitioning the City of Rockland and state and federal agencies to oppose a plan by Rockport boatyard and marina services...

MDOT bill proposes annual surcharge on hybrid and all-electric vehicles

Owners of hybrid or electric vehicles in Maine could be hit with an extra annual registration fee, ranging from $150 for gas-electric hybrids to $250 for all-electric models, under a bill proposed by...

Yachting Solutions proposes Rockland harbor redevelopment

Rockport yacht restoration and service business Yachting Solutions has proposed a Rockland harbor redevelopment that includes a redesign of private harbor acreage, creation of a wave attenuator and...

Bar Harbor cruise ship number continues to rise

The number of cruise ships scheduled to arrive in Bar Harbor the 2018 season is 14 more than 2017.

MDOT unveils three-year $2.3 billion work plan


The Maine Department of Transportation's annual three-year work plan, which includes 2,262 projects totalling $2.3 billion, also has an added emphasis on highway safety this year.

Presque Isle airport evaluating six airline options

Northern Maine's airline connection to the rest of the United States could shift to a new vendor and connecting airport under some of the bid proposals being reviewed by Presque Isle's Northern Maine...

Islanders worried about proposed hike on ferry tickets

Year-round island residents are concerned the Maine State Ferry Service's proposed increase in ferry ticket prices would widen the social divide.

Maine dodges a 'weather bomb,' Coast Guard searching for missing clammer


Thursday's blizzard packed lots of snow and strong winds but largely spared Maine from the extensive power outages that left 500,000 people without power following a similar “weather...