March 2, 2010 | last updated December 1, 2011 4:48 am

WMTW relinquishes top Time and Temp spot

Have you noticed something different scrolling across the top of the Time and Temperature building on Congress Street?

If not, we'll fill you in: After several years, television station WMTW is no longer displaying its name on the marquee sign, prominently positioned high atop the city.

"Simply put, we didn't renew the lease," says David Abel, president and general manager of the news station. The lease expired Dec. 31, and WMTW's name was removed a week ago.

Blame the recession. As a cost-cutting measure, Abel says the station made the decision to renew its lease to remain inside the Time and Temperature building, but not the separate lease to display its name on the sign. Abel wouldn't divulge how much WMTW paid, however, for the privilege of displaying its name along with the time and temperature.

Shay Lattari, the onsite assistant property manager for Boulos Property Management in Portland, which owns the building, says the sign is now currently for lease, but wouldn't say for how much, except that terms are negotiable.


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