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Updated: October 2, 2023 / 2023 NextUp: 40 Under 40 Honorees

40 Under 40: Ray Ruby is a road warrior fighting cancer

Photo / Tim Greenway Ray Ruby, executive director of the Maine Cancer Foundation, is a road warrior, and has spent time in communities in all 16 Maine counties.
Ray Ruby, 39
Executive director, Maine Cancer Foundation Find profiles of all the 40 Under 40 honorees here.
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Significant professional accomplishment: The number No. 1 question I get, is “How did you transition from being a cop to working for a nonprofit?” To me it was simple, I only took off the uniform, because I am still the same person at the end of the day. But for others, it took much more to prove to them that people can be more than just their profession. 

Passion project: A project feels like you are trying to complete something when in fact I want to just keep doing what I love repeatedly. My passion is Maine. On or off the clock, you will find me all over the state. Our family even has a website, At work, I’ve proudly spent time in communities covering all 16 counties that Maine Cancer Foundation serves. I’ve been back many times over and always look forward to returning. 

Audacious goal: My goal, like for many nonprofits in Maine, is that you are no longer needed. I don’t want any more of my family, friends and neighbors to ever hear the words “you have cancer” again. When we can get to the point in which this terrible disease no longer impacts us all in the ways it has, MCF can close its doors. 

Favorite quote: “Treat everyone like a gentleman, not because they are, but because you are.” — Ed Sabol

Influential book: “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail,” by Ben Montgomery

Favorite movies/TV shows: “Cinderella Man,” football

How do you recharge: Like most folks in Maine, I believe time spent outdoors always beats time inside. I think the best service to one’s mental health is to go to places where your cell phone doesn’t have any. So, when it comes to really hitting the reset button, you’ll find me in the woods with my family hiking and camping, actually, you probably can’t find us or get ahold of me. Well at least for a few days. 

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