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Updated: November 12, 2021 Ask ACE

Ask ACE: Do’s and don’ts for starting up a business after COVID-19 downtime

Q: There are so many things to think about regarding starting up our business after the COVID-19 downtime. What are some basic Do’s and Don’ts?

ACE advises: While every business is different and has its own unique set of circumstances, here are some core considerations:

Don't ...

  • Expect that you can just call people back and press the start button
  • Expect that teams, even high-performing teams, will function as though nothing has happened or changed
  • Assume that there will be more market demand and customers than ever before just because there have been shortages of products and services
  • Take action just for the sake of taking action.

Do ...

  • Communicate with absolute honesty and in multiple, frequent ways: Face-to-face, groups, one on one, written, e-modes
  • Engage your management team and workforce. Now is the time for seeking input, working collaboratively, being creative, enhancing your culture
  • Take time to rethink the organization — who we are, how we work
  • Have a “startup” mindset.
  • Encourage agility, accountability, frequent check-ins, daily huddles to reassess priorities and progress
  • Consider deliberate, engaged team re-development. Focused discussion of goals, roles, practices supportive relationships
  • Ask, “How can we be most effective? What’s different?”
  • Be more engaged with customers and supply chains than ever before.

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