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Updated: June 26, 2023 How To

How to ensure a robust internship program: 5 useful tips

Photo / Courtesy of KMA
Chelsea Livingston of KMA Human Resources Consulting

At the start of the summer internship season, Mainebiz checked in with expert Chelsea Livingston, recruiting services manager at KMA Human Resources Consulting in Falmouth, for tips on how employers can ensure a robust program. She suggests the following:



1. Define the structure and goals of your internship program: “We recommend writing up a job description for your intern and for the team members they will be working with. Too often, companies hire an intern without determining exactly what the person will be working on. This can lead to a poor internship experience.”


2. Pay your intern as required if an intern is functioning as an employee. 



3. Provide a good onboarding experience: “Setting your intern up with the same onboarding training that you offer any employee demonstrates your commitment to success for the program.”


4. Provide mentoring opportunities: “Match the mentor and mentee baked on skills, career interests and goals.”



5. Provide continuous monitoring and communication: “Don’t set it and forget it. The person assigned to manage the intern should check in often to gather feedback, offer assistance and help trouble-shoot any challenges the intern might be facing.”

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