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How do you feel about the federal government's new ban on noncompete agreements?
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Noncompete agreements, long a staple in many industries, have attracted a firestorm of attention recently.

The agreements are usually a condition of employment and prevent hirees from later going to work for an employer's competitors, or sharing proprietary information with them.

But in April, the Federal Trade Commission issued a rule banning noncompetes. Most existing agreements will not be enforceable, and all future ones will be forbidden. The goal, according to the FTC, is to protect the freedom of workers to change jobs, while increasing innovation and the creation of new businesses.

A federal lawsuit in Texas immediately contested the ban, however, and on July 3 a judge approved an injunction delaying its start.

The FTC estimates that 30 million people — one in five U.S. workers — are bound by a noncompete agreement of some kind in their current jobs.