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Updated: September 18, 2023 2023 SeniorSmart

AARP Maine

AARP Toolkits for Employers gives resources to help support employees and caregivers

I have to begin by stating just how delighted I am to write to you as part of this edition of Senior Smart.

When Mainebiz approached my office about this special issue devoted entirely to caregiving and the needs of family caregivers in Maine, my colleagues and I were eager to participate. Within these pages you will find many meaningful resources, tools, and tips, all of which are designed to facilitate a helpful approach to addressing the needs of both employee caregivers and their employers.

Maine is home to 166,000 family caregivers, many of whom are working full- or part-time. This signals an important opportunity for members of the Maine business community, both small and big, to seek ways to acknowledge employees who may be persevering through the challenges of juggling their jobs along with caregiving concerns.

Employee caregivers span all sectors, job titles, ages, ethnicities and genders. In order to recruit and retain talented employees, employers will benefit from addressing the reality that many of their employees carry this extra responsibility. Fortunately, employers have an opportunity to proactively address such circumstances in ways that benefit both their employees and their bottom lines. Implementing policies and programs that support caregiving employees can enhance workplace loyalty, allow for recruitment and retention of talent, boost productivity and bolster financial security.

To that end, you may find our free Toolkits for Employers, found at, particularly engaging. Here you will find free guides such as Supporting Caregivers: A Guide for Employers, Small Business Caregiving Online Resource Guide, and Supporting Military and Veteran Caregivers at Work to name a few. You will also discover a wealth of guides and other resources created with your employees in mind. Together, these tools can help you and your team through every stage of caregiving, starting with the initial conversation about the best way forward for them, and for you!

I will close by saying that my office welcomes hearing from you if you have feedback or best practices to share. Were you able to implement a good approach to the working caregiver experience from which other business leaders might benefit? I am eager to hear about your innovative approaches and accomplishments.

On behalf of our nearly 200,000 members in Maine, I send warmest regards and I do hope our paths will cross again soon as we continue to care for caregivers in Maine!


Noël Bonam
AARP Maine State Director