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Updated: September 26, 2022 2022 Giving Guide

Harpswell Capital Advisors

From planned giving, to risk management, Harpswell Capital Advisors LLC, delivers all the tangential services your nonprofit requires. Harpswell Capital Advisors understands your endowment needs extend well beyond the blocking and tackling of day-to-day investment management. As a boutique investment advisory firm, Harpswell is dedicated to the continued cultivation and specialization of financial management for nonprofit institutions, and we love our niche!

Jack Moore, CFA, Managing Partner, Harpswell Capital Advisors

The advantages of partnering with a dedicated endowment advisor are material and multifaceted. Your institutional needs differ markedly from those of retirees, and your advisor’s skillset and focus should be aligned with the specific needs of your institution. Harpswell invests in its resources and over the last decade we have developed depth in the areas that mean the most to nonprofit institutions. In fact, we feel much of the virtue of working with a specialized endowment boutique revolves around the ancillary services we provide on top of our exceptional attention to detail relating to portfolio management.

Education tops the list of Harpswell’s specialized offerings. First, we recognize the fact that not every board member, committee member, CFO or Executive Director are versed in the fundamentals of endowment management. Likely the most important facet of this function is making sure the investment policies are aligned with the goals and mission of the institution. With this in mind, Harpswell leverages its proprietary tools and aims at illustrating the impact of different investment and distribution policies. This way each stakeholder can conceptualize how these moving parts impact finances and sustainability. This function is of paramount importance and that is why Harpswell spent years developing the tools to best serve the nonprofit institutions that entrust Harpswell with their assets. Aside from Harpswell’s tools aimed and investment and distribution policy analyses, Harpswell spends time with new staff or Board members in a 1-on-1 investment tutorial. We are committed to making sure each institution has the needed resources, and we recognize that well-informed stake holders can better fulfill their fiduciary duties.

Harpswell took its educational services to the next level with this year’s CFO Forum. The forum exemplified our commitment to serving nonprofit institutions, and the event was very well attended by nonprofits and a variety of stakeholders from around the state. The forum covered three very timely topics: 1.) Healthcare expenses and how one nonprofit cut its healthcare expenses by over 30%, 2.) Tapping the Maine Bond Bank to issue bonds on behalf of nonprofit institutions, and 3.) Sustainability and developing a gameplan for this new economy. All three sessions were invaluable, and we thank the outside presenters who brought their expertise to our attendees.

Again, Harpswell recognizes how the actual investment management is only the tip of the iceberg with respect to what our clients rely and lean on us for. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our clients who entrust Harpswell Capital Advisors, LLC to manage their endowments. From Mount Desert Island to Bethel and from Oregon and Florida, we are grateful for the trust they place in us, and rest assured, we will work hard every day to earn your trust!