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Sponsored by: LifeFlight Foundation
Updated: September 26, 2022 2022 Giving Guide

LifeFlight Foundation

2023 Goals

  • Celebrate LifeFlight of Maine’s 25th anniversary in 2023!
  • Broaden the statewide reach of the LifeFlight mission and story, so that more people in Maine understand the full range of LifeFlight’s services and that we are a nonprofit organization.
  • Strengthen current donors’ connections to us and attract more donors to support this vital service. This will include the launch of a Grateful Patient Program.
  • Work with existing corporate and nonprofit partners to expand the connections LifeFlight has in three key areas: recreation and tourism, lumber and logging, and coastal/island communities.
  • Leverage the networks, commitment and expertise of our talented, committed Board members.
  • Create compelling materials (print and video) to better tell the LifeFlight story.
  • Convene various stakeholder groups to develop a significant capital campaign that will be enable LifeFlight to support Maine for the next 25 years.
  • Navigate the complex event landscape to strategically adjust and expand the Cross For LifeFlight.

Fundraising/Event Opportunities

In 2021 we reimagined the Islesboro Crossing to become the statewide, month-long Cross For LifeFlight. In 2022, we kept the flexible format that many participants love, but added a group paddle in Portland and a hike in Hope. Participants can choose where, when and how they want to “Cross” for LifeFlight, and then share their photos and track their miles on an interactive portal. The event features a fantastic participant kit and fundraising incentives comprised of quality Maine gear. While significant revenue is generated from peer-to-peer fundraising, many donors prefer to directly support the event. We welcome support from sponsors and offer great packages based on true partnerships. From 2013-2021, the event has generated $2.4 million and is a critical funding source for LifeFlight.

Giving Opportunities

With more than 34,000 Maine patients transported since 1998, many businesses have employees, family members, or customers who have benefitted from our service, so they understand and appreciate the unique role that LifeFlight plays in connecting Maine’s fragile and fragmented health care system. We have a comprehensive, carefully segmented annual giving program and a robust Memorial Giving Program. This Fall we established our first formal Grateful Patient Program. Our annual Cross For LifeFlight and Emergency Care Open golf tournament in the summer attract corporate participants, sponsors, gifts-in-kind donations and volunteers. Every year we raise funds for capital projects such as aircraft, aviation and communication infrastructure, medical equipment, as well as for state-wide critical care education, which is an integral component of LifeFlight. The business community is an essential part of those efforts.

Volunteer Opportunities

One unfortunate result of the pandemic for LifeFlight and other organizations around the state is that it forced us to limit our volunteer opportunities. We hope that in the coming months and years we can again come together for more in-person events, which are great opportunities for volunteer support. Our Community Giving program requires outreach to every Maine municipality so we are developing a plan for crew members, patients, and advocates to play a more active role in helping us make these presentations at town and budget committee meetings. LifeFlight is unique in that our fleet carries blood, so we partner to host and staff blood drives throughout the year. We welcome and encourage the ideas of anyone who wants to get involved!