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Updated: May 8, 2023 2023 Work for ME

Manufacturers Association of Maine

Maine’s manufacturing industry has grown, as have wages paid

Photo / Courtesy of MAME
Mike Roughton

The Manufacturers Association of Maine (MAME) is pleased to once again be a part of the 2023 Work for ME publication.

As with many organizations entering the post-COVID environment, the last year has been one of transition for the Manufacturers Association as well.

Longtime Executive Director Lisa Martin joined the ranks of the actively retired, and I joined the organization in September 2022. As a University of Maine Orono graduate and longtime manufacturing practitioner, I am thrilled to celebrate the vibrant ecosystem that is Maine manufacturing.

Manufacturing is Maine’s fourth largest industry sector, contributing almost 10% of Maine’s GDP. The state has almost 1,900 manufacturing establishments, up 1.6% over last year’s report.

While the output from Maine’s talented manufacturers was just a tenth of the economy, 14.5% of the payroll generated is for manufacturing sector participants, grounded in an average salary of $62,230, a 10.5% premium to the average annual wage across all sectors.

Even with a compelling story to tell, Maine manufacturers need people to staff and support their growth ambitions. Consequently, MAME has gone to work providing support to manufacturers facing recruitment and retention challenges, using its network of affiliated organizations to not only solve today’s issues, but build a framework for a sustainable employee pipeline for the future. The MAME network of member companies assists in everything from strategic plan and succession development, to sales and marketing revitalization, to lean on other manufacturing process-based improvement opportunities.

The strength of the MAME model is clear, enabling member companies to shorten the path to improvement and growth by learning from each other and working together.

The core of MAME’s effort is in advocacy, working to assure that at the state legislature, and with the young people of Maine and their parents, we are presenting both the challenges and the opportunities in manufacturing, to foster a healthy manufacturing ecosystem for many years to come.

— Mike Roughton
Executive Director Manufacturers Association of Maine