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Updated: September 26, 2022 2022 Giving Guide

York County Community Action Corporation

2023 Goals

YCCAC is driven by the belief that when our communities are strong, all members have opportunities to thrive. In turn, when an individual achieves personal success and independence, our communities grow healthier, more robust and vibrant. To achieve this, YCCAC has three primary goals for 2023.

  • Continue to address the needs of all of the clients and patients we work with, helping them lead healthy, secure and independent lives. This includes providing critical services such as Head Start, Transportation, HEAP Fuel Assistance, Home Ownership Counseling, Asset Building, WIC Nutritional Services, and health services through our Federally Qualified Community Health Center, Nasson Health Care. Included in this work is implementing innovative approaches that help individuals and families achieve financial stability
  • Strengthen the communities our clients and patients live and work in, with particular focus on affordable housing and workforce development.
  • Work to address the opioid use and disorder crisis, providing best-practice treatment of opioid-use disorder that is integrated with primary care and enhanced by supportive resources that address patients’ social determinants of health.

Fundraising/Event Opportunities

York County Community Action suspended its fundraising activities in March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic closed many agency offices and sent staff to work from home. Now that our offices are reopened and most staff are back at their regular job sites, and as people in general begin to feel more at ease in going out into their communities, we expect to relaunch our fundraising operation. In early 2023, we will announce fundraising events and activities for the coming year.

Giving Opportunities

Each year, YCCAC holds a Holiday Giving Campaign. This is a time at the end of the year for donors to make a financial gift to YCCAC. These critical funds are used to assist with needs for which there is no other funding source. An example might be to pay for a babysitter, so that a young mother or father can go to a job interview. It might be to repair a car tire, so that a household is not left without safe transportation. It could purchase a month’s prescription medicine for an elderly client who just didn’t have quite enough money to pay for it herself. These are vital needs, human needs, and they are met with the generous donations provided us through the annual Holiday Giving Campaign.

Volunteer Opportunities

YCCAC welcomes community members to join our vibrant and enthusiastic team of volunteers. We have Volunteer Drivers, who use their own vehicles to transport others to medical, dental and behavioral health appointments. We have volunteers who sit on our Head Start Policy Council, helping to guide our early education program to achieve lasting results for early learners. Our Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers. And we are always eager for volunteers to enlist as tax prep workers. (No need to have a background in tax preparation — there are classes held at our office in Sanford to teach you all you need to know!) YCCAC thrives on its pool of volunteer workers, and we are always happy to welcome new members to the team!