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Updated: April 1, 2024 A Look Back

A Look Back: Thompson’s Point has been redeveloped, but not as originally envisioned

File Photo / Tim Greenway A 1995 issue of BIZ shows a proposal for the redevelopment of Thompson’s Point. In 2014, Chris Thompson jump-started redevelopment.

In one of the first editions of Mainebiz, when it was known as BIZ, the redevelopment of Thompson’s Point was a hot topic.

In early 1995, a proposal from the Fishman Realty Group called for the construction of Atlantic Portland, which would have included the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, a convention and commerce center and a multimodal transportation center.

Alan Fishman, the president of Fishman Realty Group, said at the time the build would take up to five years and cost $125 million.

That project never happened, but today Thompson’s Point is living up to part of the vision put forth 30 years ago. The transportation center is there. Instead of an aquarium and conference center, Thompson’s Point has a host of other attractions — Bissell Bros. Brewery, office space, a skating rink and event space. The State Theatre hosts outdoor concerts there.

After the successful completion of a $15 million capital campaign, the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine moved from downtown Portland to a newly built 30,000-square-foot facility at Thompson’s Point.

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