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March 19, 2018 Ask ACE

Four topics every employee should be able to address

Q: How do we actually get employees and stakeholders to honestly engage in our organization's goals?

ACE advises: Businesses and organizations are always seeking to increase revenue, serve customers better, or advance their mission. Having employees and team members who are engaged is critical to make those objectives a reality.

To help employees buy in, organizations need to be genuinely honest and transparent with their people.

Here are four topics that every employee should be able to address:

  • What does my business or organization want to do? This is not the dusty and obscure mission statement that no one understands. This is the legitimate, real work of what your business does. Make it clear and make it known.
  • Why do we want to do this? This is not the “make the world a better place” answer; be honest and upfront about real motives. What's the real motivation to do what you do? Profits? Increase organizational profile? Market share increase? Positively impact the community? Be honest.
  • How do we do that? Don't have a mere list of activities; invest in a strategic plan. Have a clear plan with actionable items, clear outcomes, and regular checkpoints with honest assessments.
  • What can I do? Be clear on how the individual employee's role impacts the real work of the business. Everyone needs to feel connected to the core of what your organization does to really engage. Show them their role in specific terms.

Healthy businesses and organizations are self-aware, honest and genuinely transparent with the people most needed to impact the bottom line.

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