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Updated: March 4, 2024 Letters to the Editor

Letter: Notes on power generation, energy supply

Good work on the recent article about Maine energy resources [in the Feb. 19 Energy/Environment focus], but the short article describing the source of Maine’s electricity misrepresents the structure of the industry. The chart in the story is titled “Where Maine gets its electricity (2022),” and it shows the mix of generation resources in Maine. However, the in-state generation mix does not represent the source of electricity used in Maine. Simply put, generation and energy are separate things. Maine consumers get their electricity supply from the New England market, so it would be more appropriate to reference the information available from the ISO-NE.

For example, it is incorrect to suggest that none of the electricity used in Maine “comes from nuclear power.” Similarly, it is incorrect to suggest that wind energy resources supplied 23.3% of the electricity used in Maine in any given year. As presented, this article contributes to the misconception that Maine or any New England state operates independently of the regional market. You could better serve your readers by making clear the distinction between the privately owned generation resources operating in Maine and the actual generation resources that supply the New England market, because that is where Maine consumers get their electricity.

John Carroll
Former employee of Central Maine Power and Avangrid
Board member, E2Tech

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