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January 19, 2024

No more 'patch and pray': Maine DOT unveils $4.7 billion transportation workplan

wharf cranes building File photo/ RENEE CORDES The Maine Department of Transportation's latest three-year work plan includes planned improvements to Portland's International Marine Terminal.

The Maine Department of Transportation has released its latest three-year work roadmap, which covers 2,672 projects with a combined cost of $4.74 billion.

The updated work plan includes all capital projects and programs, maintenance and operations activities, planning initiatives and administrative functions for 2024-26.

"We are grateful that policymakers came together, recognized the benefits of infrastructure investments, and worked in a bipartisan way to deliver significant steps forward for transportation," said Bruce Van Note, department commissioner. "This will help MaineDOT continue a pivot from making do to making real progress." 

The department said the list reflects infrastructure investments at both federal and state levels, and the work plan contains more than $1 billion in funding from U.S. Department of Transportation competitive grant programs as well as congressionally directed spending awards. 

The plan targets $846.2 million for 267 bridge projects, $684 million for 285 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation, and $618 million for highway and bridge maintenance and operations work.

Specific projects include upgrades to Portland's International Marine Terminal and reconstruction of U.S. Route 1 between Frenchville and Fort Kent. Both projects are recipients of federal grants.

The Maine Department of Transportation said the updated plan includes more bridge projects, more durable highway projects, more village and downtown projects, more transit and active transportation investments, more port improvements and more adaptation to climate impacts.

"Recent storms in Maine and beyond have caused devastation in so many communities, a stark reminder of why we need to make transportation stronger and more resilient," said Maria Fuentes, executive director of the Maine Better Transportation Association.

"No longer can we rely on 'patch and pray'; the state needs to make significant investments in our aging infrastructure to meet the needs of today and the future or risk the peril of falling too far behind."

Planned investments 

  • $846.2 million for 267 bridge projects
  • $684 million for 285 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation
  • $678 million for 1,348 miles of preservation paving
  • $618 million for highway and bridge maintenance and operations work
  • $235.4 million in transit investments
  • $220 million for aviation
  • $204.8 million for capital freight projects
  • $165.5 million for capital projects to support the development of ports and marine infrastructure
  • $127.1 million in support of ferry projects
  • $68 million in stand-alone investments for active transportation (walking, cycling, etc.)
  • $52.1 million for Amtrak Downeaster operations

Find the full list of projects and planned investments here.

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