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Updated: January 10, 2022 2022 Economic Forecast

2022 Forecast: Competing for consumers will take brands with grit

The past two years have been a master’s class in how to collaborate, grow and adapt to change.

Now Taja Dockendorf, owner and creative director of Pulp+Wire, a Portland advertising and marketing firm, says she’s heading into the new year with a sense of anticipation.

Taja Dockendorf
Photo / Courtesy of Pulp+Wire
Taja Dockendorf, owner and creative director of Pulp+Wire, which received accolades for general excellence from Inc. Business.

“The last few years for both the creative and the marketing industries have brought growth, evolution, and for me a masters lesson in one’s self-compassion and aptitude for change,” says Dockendorf. “As I look to 2022, it is not with fear or worry but with optimism, excitement, and a thirst to see what is around the next corner.”

Pulp+Wire works with clients in the food and beverage, lifestyle and cannabis fields.

Many brands are adapting to the times by “creating a new identity to attract new audiences with stunning packaging, branding, as well as online and digital growth,” she says.

When safe, there’s been a resurgence of industry trade shows in-store shopping promotions, allowing companies that went 100% online to get face-to-face time with customers.

Social media has become an even more important way to communicate, with “LinkedIn thought-leader articles, captivating Instagram posts and TikTok content that quenches our consumers’ thirst for this joy, drives intrigue, and allows us all to continue to grow as a whole,” she says.

When Dockendorf looks at companies that have survived and grown in the past two years, she cites ones with “serious grit” as standing apart.

“For those brands with serious grit, we continued to help them evolve, launch new products, build campaigns and bring content to their followers who needed something new to get excited about,” she says.

“We are seeing new and established brands launch new products based on what they learned from 2020 and 2021 and what they now want to bring to the world based on their own personal experiences.”

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