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Updated: June 24, 2024 From the Editor

Editor's Note: Investments reflect Maine’s commitment to higher ed

Any parent with kids at or near college age can’t help but have some anxiety about the high cost of higher education.

Yet when we see the kind of investment going into new buildings, campuses and fields of study, parents can’t help but have a twinge of envy, wishing they were going back to school.

The University of New England has launched a College of Business and next year plans to unveil a consolidated med school campus in Portland. Staff Writer Alexis Wells has the story on Page 16.

The University of Maine at Augusta is renovating a building that will house the nursing and cybersecurity programs. Senior Writer Laurie Schreiber has details on Page 18.

Finally, it wouldn’t be possible for many students to get to college without the help of the Rockland-based Worthington Scholarship Foundation. Senior Writer Renee Cordes goes behind the scenes to tell us how the foundation works. See Renee’s cover story, which starts on Page 10.

This issue also includes a list of Maine’s largest graduate programs, on Page 26.

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