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December 27, 2022

Maine Senators assigned to legislative committees

Photo / Courtesy of Maine Senate Democratic Office Maine state Senate President Troy Jackson has announced the 2023 Maine Senate committee assignments.

Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, on Tuesday announced Senate committee assignments for the 131st Maine Legislature. There are 17 joint-standing committees, a new Joint Select Committee on Housing, the Government Oversight Committee and several Senate standing committees. 

Lawmakers are assigned to legislative committees by the presiding officers based on their interest, experience, professional background, or the region of their district. Joint Standing Committees include 13 members, three from the Senate and ten from the House of Representatives.

Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

  • Sen. Henry Ingwersen, chair (D-York)
  • Sen. Craig Hickman (D-Kennebec)
  • Sen. Russell Black (R-Franklin)

Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs

  • Sen. Peggy Rotundo, chair (D-Androscoggin)
  • Sen. Jill Duson (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Richard Bennett (R-Oxford)

Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety

  • Sen. Pinny Beebe-Center, chair (D-Knox)
  • Sen. David LaFountain (D-Kennebec)
  • Sen. Matthew Harrington (R-York)

Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs

  • Sen. Joe Rafferty, chair (D-York)
  • Sen. Teresa Pierce (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. James Libby (R-Cumberland)

Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology

  • Senator Mark W. Lawrence, chair (D-York)
  • Senator Nicole Grohoski (D-Hancock)
  • Senator Matthew Harrington (R-York)

Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

  • Sen. Stacy Brenner, chair (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Anne M. Carney (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Peter Lyford (R-Penobscot)

Joint Standing Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services

  • Sen. Donna Bailey, Chair (D-York)
  • Sen. Cameron Reny (D-Lincoln)
  • Sen. Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin)

Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services

  • Sen. Joseph Baldacci, chair (D-Penobscot)
  • Sen. Henry Ingwersen (D-York)
  • Sen. Marianne Moore (R-Washington)

Joint Standing Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business

  • Sen. Glenn “Chip” Curry, chair (D-Waldo)
  • Sen. Joe Rafferty (D-York)
  • Sen. Stacey Guerin (R-Penobscot)

Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

  • Sen. David LaFountain, chair (D-Kennebec)
  • Sen. Glenn “Chip” Curry (D-Waldo)
  • Sen. Russell Black (R-Franklin)

Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary

  • Sen. Anne M. Carney, chair (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Donna Bailey, (D-York)
  • Sen. Peter Lyford (R-Penobscot)

Joint Standing Committee on Labor and Housing

  • Sen. Mike Tipping, chair (D-Penobscot)
  • Sen. Mattie Daughtry (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Matthew Pouliot (R-Kennebec)

Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources

  • Sen. Cameron Reny, chair (D-Lincoln)
  • Sen. Pinny Beebe-Center (D-Knox)
  • Sen. Marianne Moore (R-Washington)

Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government

  • Sen. Tim Nangle, chair (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Joe Baldacci (D-Penobscot)
  • Sen. Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin)

Joint Standing Committee on Taxation

  • Sen. Nicole Grohoski, chair (D-Hancock)
  • Sen. Ben Chipman (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. James Libby (R-Cumberland)

Joint Standing Committee on Transportation

  • Sen. Benjamin M. Chipman, Chair (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Tim Nangle (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Bradlee Farrin (R-Somerset)

Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs

  • Sen. Craig Hickman, chair (D-Kennebec)
  • Sen. Stacy Brenner (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Jeff Timberlake (R-Androscoggin)

Joint Select Committee on Housing 

  • Sen. Teresa Pierce, chair (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Eloise Vitelli (D-Sagadahoc)
  • Sen. Matt Pouliot (R-Kennebec)

Government Oversight Committee

  • Sen. Craig Hickman, chair (D-Kennebec)
  • Sen. Jill Duson (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Mike Tipping (D-Penobscot)
  • Sen. Lisa Keim (R-Oxford)
  • Sen. Jeff Timberlake (R-Androscoggin)
  • Sen. Richard Bennett (R-Oxford)

Joint Select Committee on Joint Rules

  • Senate President Troy Jackson, Chair (D-Allagash)
  • Sen. Eloise Vitelli (D-Sagadahoc)
  • Sen. Anne Carney (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Richard Bennett (R-Oxford)
  • Sen. Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin)

Senate Standing Committees

Bills in the Second Reading

  • Sen. Stacy Brenner (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Henry Ingwersen (D-York)
  • Sen. Stacey Guerin (R-Penobscot)
  • Sen. Peter Lyford (R-Penobscot)

Engrossed Bills

  • Sen. Chip Curry (D-Waldo)
  • Sen. Nicole Grohoski (D-Hancock)
  • Sen. Marianne Moore (R-Washington)
  • Sen. Matthew Pouliot (R-Kennebec)

Conduct and Ethics

  • Sen. Mark Lawrence, chair (D-York)
  • Sen. Donna Bailey (D-York)
  • Sen. Craig Hickman (D-Kennebec)
  • Sen. Harold “Trey” Stewart (R-Aroostook)
  • Sen. James Libby (R-Cumberland)

Senate Rules

  • Sen. Eloise Vitelli, xhair (D-Sagadahoc)
  • Sen. Mattie Daughtry (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Mark Lawrence (D-York)
  • Sen. Harold “Trey” Stewart (R-Aroostook)
  • Sen. Lisa Keim (R-Oxford)

Senatorial Vote

  • Sen. Eloise Vitelli, Chair (D-Sagadahoc)
  • Sen. Cameron Reny (D-Lincoln)
  • Sen. Teresa Pierce (D-Cumberland)
  • Sen. Joe Baldacci (D-Penobscot)
  • Sen. Jeff Timberlake (D-Androscoggin)
  • Sen. Russell Black (D-Franklin)
  • Sen. Matthew Harrington (D-York)

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