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Updated: January 5, 2023

Portland ranks 10th in best places to find a job in US

WalletHub U.S. map showing Portland with No. 10 ranking WalletHub A new WalletHub survey puts Portland at No. 10 out of 182 cities nationwide as 2023's best cities to find a job.

Out of 182 cities nationwide, Portland is No. 10 on the list of best places to find a job, well ahead of its much larger West Coast namesake at No. 55, according to a data published Wednesday by personal finance website WalletHub.

WalletHub's barometer of the best job markets in the United States assigns rankings to the 150 most populous cities overall plus the two most populous cities in each state.

Researchers assigned ratings based on the job market and socioeconomics of each locality, putting heavier weight on the job market "considering the fact that factors in that category most heavily influence a job seeker's decision in terms of relocation or employment." Those factors include job opportunities and annual employment growth along with job satisfaction and access to employee benefits.

San Francisco tops the overall list as the best location in the nation for job seekers, followed by Columbia, Md., and Orlando, Fla.

At No. 10 overall, Maine's biggest city was two places behind South Burlington, Vt., the only other New England city in the top 10. Portland scored better for socioeconomics (No. 7) than for its job market (No. 19). Socioeconomic factors included median annual income, average commute time, housing affordability and dating, recreation and family friendliness. 

Lewiston, the only other Maine city on the WalletHub list, was No. 89 overall, coming in at No. 70 for socioeconomics and No. 98 for its job market.

Memphis, Tenn., was dead last on the list, at No. 182 overall.

St. Louis, Mo., topped the list of five cities with the most job opportunities, while New Orleans ranked highest in terms of employment growth.

Citing a prediction from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, WalletHub researchers noted that college graduates from the class of 2023 should expect to see a big boost in hiring compared to previous classes. Employers also plan to hire 15% more new graduates from the class of 2023 than they did from the class of 2022.

WalletHub researchers also said while finding a new or better job will be a top resolution for many this year, "ultimately your luck of finding work depends largely on location."

Find the full WalletHub report here.


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