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Updated: July 19, 2023

Thomas College goes bright and bold with new branding

Thomas College folder with new logo Photo / Courtesy of Thomas College Thomas College unveiled a new institutional logo, imprinted on this folder, in an update to its visual identity.

For Thomas College, white lettering on a bright red background in the Waterville school's new logo is meant to symbolize a bright future for the 130-year-old institution.

The new institutional logo, along with a new presidential seal and color pallets form an updated visual identity designed by Haley Campbell, the school’s assistant director of creative services.

Already live on the college's website, the changes will be reflected in all new institutional materials including print publications, merchandise and signage.

“To me, it symbolizes where the college is heading – boldly striving forward to serve the people of Maine and beyond while embracing our past and staying true to who we are and who we have always been -- an innovative leader producing the next generation of entrepreneurs, teachers, and security experts,” said Thomas College Chief Operating Officer Tom Warren.

Thomas College written in white against red background
Courtesy / Thomas College
The school’s new logo was designed by Haley Campbell.

Asked how much time the design took from start to finish, Campbell recalled the logo in place when she started at Thomas College in 2019 featuring a little green leaf, the school's presidential seal featuring a gold and red leaf emblem and a black and red paw-print athletics logo.

"As I began to work with these logos and colors, I quickly realized that didn't feel harmonious, and I found myself wondering why they were chosen to represent us in the first place," she told Mainebiz.

Brainstorming for a new design started in summer 2022, followed by a survey to a select group of current and incoming students, alumni, staff and faculty to get their perspectives.

"I gained a lot of insight during this stage in the process," Campbell said. "At this time, my goal became not only to create an institutional logo and presidential seal, but also to create a complete visual identity package that felt like a returning home to our brand."

After rounds of designs and edits with her team, Campbell presented a few different options to same select group of people. After getting their feedback, "we landed on what we have now."

Further steps included designing a presidential seal and then a visual identity toolkit to give an understanding and guidelines to the new logos, colors pallet and fonts.

As part of the visual identity kit, Campbell also created a new terrier icon to match the stance of the school's new "Tommy the Terrier" statue outside its Sports Center.

"I feel as though he rounds out the package and gives Tommy a well-deserved place in our brand," Campbell said.

Thomas College is led by President Laurie Lachance, who was honored as a Mainebiz Woman to Watch in 2022.

Logo timeline
Courtesy / Thomas College
A timeline of institutional logos of Thomas College shows changes through the years.




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