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Updated: January 6, 2020

2020 tech trends: cyber risks, cloud computing and competition from abroad

Abstract image showing lit up fiber networks File Image Three experts shared their 2020 technology trends predictions with Mainebiz. They include improving wireless connectivity and the increasing use of cloud-based solutions for mobile workers.

Improving broadband connectivity, especially in rural areas, has been a longstanding goal for Maine. But what else do professionals on the ground view as the top technology trends for 2020?

Here's what three experts — two corporate leaders and a lawyer who advises technology companies worldwide — told Mainebiz they see on the horizon. 

Wireless speed connectivity but also cybersecurity risks

"I predict that 2020 will bring new opportunities to leverage 5G wireless for fiber, like speed connectivity on smart phones and for fixed wireless broadband, as well as continued and increasing cybersecurity risks to our government agencies, private businesses, utilities, and citizens. At Tilson, we are building our workforce capacity to address both of these trends.”

— Joshua Broder, CEO of Tilson, and 2018 Mainebiz Business Leader of the Year in the large business category

Mobile workforce and cloud-based solutions

Portrait of Meg Fleming
Meg Fleming, president of SymQuest, which has dual HQ in Westbrook and South Burlington, Vt.

"We have seen a surge in the rise of the mobile workforce and should continue to see this growing into the next decade. The modern worker is starting to shift towards being measured on outcome-based activities, allowing for the focus to be more on what we are doing, not where, or even when, we are doing it. Today’s worker wants to collaborate with co-workers and clients in a seamless, but secure, manner. As work environments become more flexible, businesses will need to consider both access to and security of information at a much higher level. In addition, 2020 should be a year of continued acceleration of businesses moving their applications and infrastructure into a cloud-based solution.”

Meg Fleming, president of SymQuest, an IT and office services technology provider with dual headquarters in Westbrook and South Burlington, Vt.

Medical technology and software development

Portrait of attorney Adam Nyhan
Courtesy/Perkins Thompson
Adam Nyhan, attorney with Perkins Thompson in Portland.

Prediction No. 1: “Innovation in medical tech will continue to flourish, both worldwide and in Maine, where we have an outsized number of startup and established companies making medical tech with the support of organizations like Maine Technology Institute and investors. We’ll see more and more Software-as-a-Service companies cater to specific industry niches, we’ll see more competition and suppliers in the 3D printed medical device space, and we’ll see huge growth in animal/veterinary products."

Prediction No. 2: "The internationalization of software development will accelerate. Indian and Eastern European software firms will establish more and more subsidiaries in the U.S. and compete more vigorously with U.S. companies.”

Adam Nyhan, attorney with Perkins Thompson in Portland, who represents established software companies and startups in the United States, Europe, India and elsewhere.

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