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November 3, 2023

Friday Food Insider: Vietnamese sandwich shop BiddoBanh opens in Biddeford

Sandwiches Photo / Alexis Wells A banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that's sort of a cross between a croissant and a baguette.

The smell of fresh bread filled my senses as I walked through the door. The cozy atmosphere and comfy seating areas make BiddoBanh the perfect place to stop for a delicious sandwich, but these aren't your typical sandwiches. 

BiddoBanh at 299 Main St. in Biddeford opened on Oct. 13. The restaurant gets its name from one featured item: banh mi. The eatery is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

BiddoBanh owners Jonah and Sima Reagle serve up a banh mi, a Vietnamese-inspired sandwich served on bread that is a cross between a croissant and a baguette, Sima told Mainebiz. 

"The sandwiches we sell are Vietnamese-style sandwiches, but that's big in Southeast Asian culture," said Sima. "There are many variations between Cambodian, Laos and Thai take on it. Our recipe is more the meats are marinated and flavored to the Cambodian taste."

The sandwiches all have a pate spread, pickled vegetables, fresh cucumbers, cilantro and homemade mayonnaise.

"It's different from store-bought mayonnaise. It's a little bit sweeter, a little bit creamer," said Sima.

The menu includes a variety of banh mi, including cold cut, crisp pork belly, lemongrass beef, ginger soy glazed chicken, and ginger soy glazed tofu. Their menu also consists of a variety of rice bowls. 

They plan to offer unique banh mi sandwiches during the week, like beef birria-inspired banh mi, and expand the menu to offer noodle dishes.  

The other featured item on the menu is bubble tea, available in various flavors, including strawberry and brown sugar.

The history behind the restaurant 

Sima Reagle has many years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, and food has always been an essential part of her life. Her family has spent time cooking during the holidays, and now they all work together at the restaurant.

"My mom used to do catering, and these are her recipes that have been passed down from my grandfather," said Sima. "He was a big cook. Around Christmas time, she would be doing catering and would make thousands of egg rolls. So, my whole family would literally be in an assembly line to help roll out the egg rolls.

"We have that assembly line set up in this kitchen now, and we tease and joke with each other all day." 

Photo / Alexis Wells
BiddoBanh owners Jonah and Sima Reagle.

Her family moved to Biddeford from Cambodia in 1995, and she decided that her hometown was where she wanted to open her restaurant. 

"Growing up and immigrating from Cambodia and coming into Biddeford, I feel like the community has accepted and given back to our family and the Asian community," said Sima. "It's nice to see we can expand and have Asian-owned businesses, which will help diversify the population a little bit more." 

The Reagles went back and forth, deciding whether to open a food truck, a cart, or a restaurant. 

"We decided to walk up and down Main Street in Biddeford to see if there was anything available," said Sima. "The owners of this location were looking to retire and close their antique shop. We decided to just do it and we couldn’t pass it up because this is such a great location.”

The Reagles completely renovated the space to accommodate a restaurant. It needed a kitchen, new carpeting and an overall refresh. "A lot of construction and a lot of late nights," said Jonah.

"The community has been so amazing and everyone has been so supportive and kind," said Sima. "Opening day was crazy, but I feel like we have found our flow."

What is your favorite type of banh mi? The Mainebiz Food Insider wants to know! Contact Alexis Wells at

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