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June 27, 2023

Mainebiz wins national awards for design, beat reporting

Mainebiz Mainebiz Art Director Matt Selva won a Silver Award for Best Feature Layout - Newspaper from the Alliance of Area Publishers for "Business Leaders of the Year" from 2022.

For print design and editorial content, Mainebiz took home three awards from the Alliance of Area Business Publishers Monday night in Detroit.

The organization  represents around 57 publications in North America with a combined circulation of over 1.2 million and conducts an annual Editorial and Design Excellence Competition.

Entries are judged by faculty in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and winners were announced Monday evening in Detroit at the AABP's annual summer conference.

For Best Feature Layout — Newspaper, Mainebiz Art Director Matt Selva received a Silver award for "Business Leaders of the Year" from March 21, 2022.

"Strong environmental portraits give context and are well played to invite readers into each part of the story," judges said of Selva's work. "The design does a nice job of navigating the story around the ad stacks. Typographic details on the Q&A format of the text create a nice texture and make it accessible and approachable."

Selva also received a Bronze award for "Best Overall Design — Medium Tabloids," for four print editions from 2022 submitted by Mainebiz. 

"Large poster-like art dominates the cover, along with supportive typography, to provide strong promotion to the lead stories inside," the judges noted. "The Table of Contents enjoys good use of white space and color in the typography. The info bits on Focus: Wealth Management/Retirement are informative, easy to read. Photography display is consistently strong throughout, especially with the lead package. The portraits and supplemental art in Business Leaders of the Year are wonderfully large, engaging and informative."

From the Mainebiz editorial team, Senior Writer Renee Cordes received a Silver award in the Medium category for "Best Beat Story, Economics and Finance," a new category this year, for three articles published online and in the Daily Report.

"An impressive collection of stories explain facets of the regional economy, including how local credit ratings impact projects, the impact of changes to local banks and a strong analysis of local mergers and acquisitions," the judges said. "These stories show good grasp of numbers and authoritative writing."

In May, Cordes and Selva took home three combined awards from the New England Newspaper and Press Association's 2022 Better Newspaper Competition," including first place to Cordes for racial, ethnic or gender issue coverage by a specialty publication.

Mainebiz Publisher Andrea Tetzlaff and Staff Writer Alexis Wells are attending the AABP conference in Detroit, where Wells was recognized as a "Rising Star" by the trade association. The three-day event is due to conclude today.

"The entire Mainebiz team is proud of the news we provide the Maine business community each day, and it is rewarding to see those efforts being recognized by AABP and the University of Missouri School of Journalism," Tetzlaff said.

"Matt continues to create unique, visually interesting covers and designs for us, and I'm happy to see the judges honor that creativity," she added. "Renee provides outstanding reporting, especially on the financial industry, and is able to summarize dense topics into easy-to-read coverage."

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