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July 1, 2016

Roll up for the not-so-mysterious Portland contamination tour

Portland city officials held a unique bus tour around the city’s East Bayside neighborhood on Thursday, looking at how to distribute $200,000 in federal funds to redevelop brownfield sites in the neighborhood.

WCSH-TV 6 reports that the East Bayside was one of twenty similar neighborhoods across the country that were awarded funds for the for the assessment and cleanup of brownfield sites that contain hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants that prevent the potential reuse or redevelopment of the property.

Before the recent development boom in East Bayside, the neighborhood was home to several industrial sites. The bus tour was an early step in the fund distribution meant to identify possible property sites that would benefit from the federal funds, according to WCSH6.

“We have a lot of obstacles in terms of the way it was laid out and in terms of pollutants in the ground,” Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling told WCSH6. “This was really a chance for people to understand what some of those pieces are that are obstacles but also to see there are some interesting and exciting developments and ways people have turned, perhaps, some of the problems down here into real opportunities.”

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