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Updated: August 30, 2023

South Portland animal-health startup gets patent for CBD pet med

Cats and dogs against a pink background Photo / Pixabay ElleVet Sciences is an animal health company based in South Portland.

ElleVet Sciences, a maker of cannabis-based products for pets, has secured its first patent — for the use of hemp extracts to treat pain and other conditions in animals.

For the South Portland-based startup, the granting of U.S. Patent No. 11,712,456, announced Tuesday, comes years after the company developed its proprietary formulation.

“This is a huge win for ElleVet and embodies our dedication and belief in the scientific process,” said Amanda Howland, the company’s chief creative officer. “The issuance of this patent proves our long-held belief that hemp is not all the same, that the specific product is where success lies, and that ElleVet is truly the best product for pets.”

Howland told Mainebiz a number of patent applicants are pending "that we hope will be granted." The application process typically takes years. She co-founded ElleVet Sciences in 2017 with Christian Kjaer, a former senior executive at IDEXX Laboratories Inc. (Nasdaq: IDXX) who now serves as ElleVet’s CEO. 

ElleVet Sciences said it is known as a leader in hemp products for pets. In 2017, the company completed a clinical trial on dogs with osteoarthritis at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Three-quarters of animals involved in the trial showed significant or dramatic improvement in comfort and mobility.

Pharmaceutical products in package
Courtesy / ElleVet Sciences
ElleVet Sciences specializes in cannabis-based animal-health products like the ones shown here.

“Pioneering science has always been at the heart of ElleVet’s products,” Kjaer said. “This patent is a series of new patents we expect to be granted over the next several years. They will provide us the protection to continue investing in science to discover and develop new ways of improving the lives of our pets.”

The company said that its patent-protected hemp extract has shown superiority compared to other hemp products on the market, and is the product used most by veterinarians.

ElleVet’s proprietary and patented cannabis-based blend has shown success in clinical trials in areas of atopic dermatitis and epilepsy, indicating that the blend, now patented for addressing pain in dogs, has a broader scope into other areas.

“We are looking forward to the road ahead and the future of hemp for pets,” Kjaer said. “Our research into the different acidic forms of the hemp molecules is an area we are particularly excited about expanding upon and sharing with the scientific community.

The company employs around 50 people.

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